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Weight Loss Essentials


Increasing Physical Activity

Engaging in some level of physical activity is important as it improves overall health, lowers susceptibility to chronic disease, and decreases mortality. Individuals report their most common reasons for not exercising include the following: not having enough time to exercise, not enjoying exercise, and inability access a fitness center. 

Sound familiar? Don't worry- together we will come up with a plan that is manageable, enjoyable, and functional for you.  We will incorporate your personal preferences and consider any injuries or other ailments that may impact your ability to exercise safely.

Stress Management

Did you know stress is one of the most commonly cited reasons why individuals fail to reach their health and wellness goals? Stress can lower self-efficacy, decrease motivation, and negatively impacts feelings of self-control. It can also interfere with your ability to initiate and sustain healthy behaviors, can impair exercise efforts, and can lead to cravings and consumption of "comfort" foods (which are typically processed foods).

We work together to help you pinpoint your stressors, help you determine what you can and cannot control, and help you develop strategies for coping with stress outside your control.  In addition, we can help you separate from unhelpful thoughts that may be causing you stress and help you to become fully present so you can reach a variety of your additional health and wellness goals.

Weight Management and Nutrition

We provide you with information regarding the basic principles of healthy eating and nutrition, the tools necessary for noticing and understanding hunger cues,  and discuss foods that should be included as part of a balanced diet. We also explore appropriate portions sizes based on your health and wellness goals, thoroughly explain how to understand food labels, and focus on mindful and intuitive eating over counting calories.

Our approach never limits or restricts what you eat. We want to coach you to long-term behavior change and provide you with strategies that are realistic and sustainable over time. We take your food preferences into account and provide you with tips regarding how you can make simple modifications to help you reach your health and wellness goals. We also understand life happens. You may have long work hours, busy weekends, and family or friends to care for in addition to yourself, which is why we provide individualized strategies tailored to what is manageable for you.

Improving Sleep Hygiene

Many individuals do not get the recommended hours of sleep each night which causes health problems such as: weight gain, cognitive disorders, depression and anxiety, over-training, cardiovascular disease, and lack of proper immune system functioning. Individuals who have trouble sleeping often report feelings of drowsiness during the daytime hours, irritability, trouble focusing, and mood swings.

We will help you explore your current "night time" routine as well as create a sleep hygiene routine so you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day has in store for you!



  • 1-1 In-person coaching in Monmouth County, NJ or surrounding areas for individuals 12 and up

  • 1-1 Virtual coaching via secured Zoom link

  • Group Coaching

  • Grocery Store Tours

  • Assistance with kitchen set-up to support your goals

  • Recipes and meal preparation guidance


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